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What is Float

Float let’s you to keep tabs on your credit score and credit report. Float is the only app that gives you the ability to share your credit score or credit report with others. You can also follow the credit of your friends and family as long as they give you permission. Float is always free to use.

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Why do I need Float

It’s more important than ever to stay on top of your credit report. Here are a few reasons to use Float:

  • Keep track of your own credit. Always know what information credit providers know about you and what information your lenders are reporting to credit bureaus about you.
  • Protect older relatives from financial fraud by keeping an eye on their credit report.
  • Get free financial tips and advice to help yourself and others improve their credit score or maintain a great score.
  • Share your credit score with trusted friends without giving them your Social Security Number. Request the credit of friends without having to pay for a full report and without affecting their credit score.
  • Request the credit of roommates or tenants without having to pay for a full report and without affecting their credit score.
  • Make sure your college age kids are being financially responsible as they start taking out credit for the first time.

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Does Float affect my credit score?

Float does what is called a “soft pull” on your credit report, so no activity on Float ever affects your credit score or the credit score of anyone you follow.

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How do I get it?

Simply install the app and verify your identity via our easy sign up flow. You will have access to all your credit data from Equifax. Credit reports are verified, secure and updated every two weeks.

You invite friends to follow you - via simple controls in the app.

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How do I invite followers or follow my friends?

After you have installed the app, tap the round orange button at the bottom of your dashboard. You can share the invite link through email or text message - even post it to Twitter. Don't worry, you still get to approve anyone who wants to see your score.

You can ask anyone who is already following you for permission to follow them back. Just tap their name on your dashboard, then tap the “Request” button on the following screen. They’ll need to approve your request before you have any access to their credit score.

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How do I control what information my followers can see?

Each of your followers starts out with “Select access” to your credit. This gives them a very high level view of how you’re doing. They just see an emoji version of your credit score 😃. To give someone more access, open the app, tap their name in your Follower list, scroll down to the bottom of the page tap the “edit” button under their Follow settings. From there you can choose which level you want to give them in the pop up.

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What do the different colors and emojis mean?

Credit Scores: 781 - 850

Credit Scores: 661 - 780

Credit Scores: 601 - 660

Credit Scores: 500 - 600
Needs some love

Credit Scores: 300 - 499
Needs improving

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How do I remove a follower?

To remove a follower, open the app, tap their name in your Follower list, scroll down to the very bottom of the page tap “Remove from followers”. Remember, you can always give them “Select access” which is just an emoji version of your score. No numbers display.

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Do you store or share my financial information?

We take the security of your financial information and personal very seriously. Your info is stored only on your personal device, not on our servers. We only pull new credit information at the time you log into the app. We never share your financial information with anyone or any company (other than the friends and family that you explicitly approve.)

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